ShowNovo WG1
Intelligent Breath Odor Checker

Easily measure breath odor, judge odor level within several seconds to grade 0~4 and output the suggested social distance according to odor concentration. ShowNovo WG1, to understand well your own odor quality.

ShowNovo WG1
Intelligent Breath Odor Checker

Practical and Fashionable Your colour choices:

ShowNovo WG1
Intelligent Breath Odor Checker

Test your breath odor by easily blowing for 5 seconds whenever and where ever you need, and avoid social interacting embarrassing moment. Fashionable look and new technology adapted with 0.1PPM test accuracy. It brings medical care solution to your wellness lifestyle.


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ShowNovo WG1 Intelligent Breath Odor Checker

Blow for 5 seconds to analyze odor quality. Build your confidence in social interacting.

Science and technology

Bad odor is mainly from CH3SH and H2S that caused by poor oral hygiene, oral disease or stomach disease. ShowNovo WG1 could exactly measure sulfur-containing molecules in breath odor so people could understand and monitor bad odor effectively and scientifically.

High Accuracy

MEMS sensor has advantages of high sensitivity, low power consumption, and accurate analysis to 0.1ppm.

New Technology

32-bit high-performance microprocessor, intelligent algorithm based on clinical data, excellent signal noise reduction design circuit, HD and high contrast LCD display

Own Intellectual Property
Germany IF Design Award